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Using the Azure portal, you can get an overview of all existing tags within your subscription.

If you click one of these tags, you can view a list of resources that are assigned that tag and value.

I just received my Azure Bill and for some reason, I have spent $1000 on a firewall but I have no idea which one is costing me so much money, nor do I know why!

I needed a way to find and break down the costs of my Azure Resources and identify any hidden costs and find the costs of resources within the Azure Portal. However, when I tried to do this in the Azure Portal I couldn’t find the cost of my Azure Resources. …

Updating tags in bulk Azure can be a pain-staking task. In order to do this natively in Azure, you have to navigate to each resource you are trying to tag, select tags and then update the key value pair accordingly.

Other options include using powershell, but this can often requires careful validation of the queries and its hard visualise what the updates that where actually made are and you might just not be comfortable using powershell. Like here:
Get-AzTag (Az.Resources) | Microsoft Docs

Alternatively there is a 3rd party tool called Tag Manager that has a 2 week free trial…


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